Top 5 Reasons Why He Lost Interest While Looking at Your Online Dating Profile



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Your profile gets lots of hits… so why doesn’t any decent man ask you out or sound genuinely interested in you? If you’ve got what you consider to be a decent online dating profile but it’s not getting the attention you think it deserves, check out this list. Are YOU committing one of these no-no’s?

1. You come off as a gold digger

If it’s obvious to a man that you want someone who’s a perfect 10 (i.e. 5 in the looks department with $5 million in the bank), he will not ask you out. Women who are obviously just interested in money and maintaining a lavish lifestyle repulse men… well, except for the crusty old ones who periodically invest in youthful, scantily clad arm candy.

2. Your photos come off as too suggestive

What may be a few photos of a “girls night out” to you (short mini skirts, cleavage showing off a bit) may be read as something totally different to a guy looking at your online dating pictures. Remember: People who look at your online dating photos don’t realize the context behind the necessarily.

3. You party too hard

If it’s clear from the interests and photo sections of your online dating profile that you attend every Tequila Tuesday and Thirsty Thursday in town, tone the party girl aura down a bit. At first glance, guys think that party girls seem like fun because they’re outgoing, fun to be around, and spontaneous. But once they visualize how every date will culminate in them pulling her hair back as she vomits into a porcelain bowl, the party in their imagination is over pretty quickly.

4. You’re desperate for commitment

Don’t talk about babies, weddings, or anything else that reminds people of settling down in your online dating profile. Commitment freaks guys out, especially if you’ve never even met before! No matter how determined you are to have children by 35, please don’t mention it anytime soon – especially not on your online dating profile! Talk of your future children and Romeo should be reserved for girly slumber parties and chats with your bestie over bubble tea. Pictures of you with children (even it it’s your adorable little nephew) get extra scrutiny by guys not wanting to date a girl with children.

5. You’ve got baggage

Your online dating profile is not the place to talk trash about your baby’s daddy or tell the world how much you despise your good for nothing ex-husband. Leave your baggage on the doorstep; no man wants to date a woman who’s still bitter about her previous relationship.


6. You’re boring!!

When a guy comes across a girl’s profile and there is really nothing there to “pull from” in order to send her an email….most guys usually give up. Or at best give it a half-assed shot by saying “Hi, so….how was your weekend?”. We all know that online dating can be tedious at times. It can royally suck at other times….but why are on there in the first place? Your goal should be to meet as many guys/girls as you can and go out on as many dates as you can so you have the best possibility of finding what you are looking for.

So, you lurking guys… I know you’re there! Please tell us: what other kind of stuff sends you running when you see a woman’s online dating profile?